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The EARTHBOX (ERX) proposal consists of an innovative and different solution in pursuit of the recovery of natural heritage: we invite you to save 1 m2 of biosphere, that is, 1 m2 of virgin land in the Paraná jungle, Misiones province in Argentina Republic, through the acquisition of the virtual token The EarthBox Coin (ERX coin). After one year, this cryptoasset will generate a ERX bond (Carbon Bond), with which you cannot only make a contribution to the conservation of this natural area but also sell and earn money.

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Caring for nature is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Irresponsible consumption and abuse of resources have turned the world into an unpleasant space for the survival of natural habitat and human beings. Despite countless initiatives, the results are unsatisfactory: the ecological footprint has been reduced, but much remains to be done.


Our mission is to conserve natural capital. Protecting native forests, reestablishing environments to their original state and providing conditions for the development of natural biodiversity





Who we protect and
how we help them

The conservation of forests and native species is one of the most effective ways to fight against the massive destruction of green spaces and the species that inhabit them. Every tree that emerges is born protected, and it grows far from the danger of being eliminated felling, generates oxygen and contributes to reduce the concentration of GHG

GS1 Reserve - Misiones


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South America has enormous wealth. That makes it a true powerhouse in terms of biodiversity, with the greatest variety of species and ecosystems on the planet and half of the world’s tropical forests But overexploitation of natural resources, climate change, population growth, pollution and governance gaps put this precious reserve in jeopardy.

Crypto Assets

We help you build a fair and decentralized financial system that provides stable governance mechanisms for users around the world backed by natural capital. We created the Green Bond Meter Coin (GBM coin) associated with the protection of 1 m2 of the missionary jungle. In one year, this cryptoactive will generate the carbon bond GBM voucher, with which you can not only make a contribution to the conservation of this natural area, but you can also obtain a financial reward.

Corporate CSR

We help you to be CO2 neutral. The emission of greenhouse gases has increased notably in recent years. The compensation of CO2 emissions consists of the voluntary contribution of an economic quantity or purchase of carbon credits, proportional to the tons of CO2 generated, to a project that absorbs an amount of tons of CO2 equivalent to that generated by the company in its activity. It helps to improve the image of the company, is the indicator of the degree of eco-efficiency